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We are a capital company with over a decade of market experience. The firm represents the broader IT sector. We specialize in business software online. This means that to work with systems neronIT enough web browser. neronIT is a combination of positive energy, passion and experience which allows us to act as a reliable partner in the business field on the Internet.
Our specialists, as well as expertise and industry experience have consolidated our products and services mainly in the furniture and our system neron eCut dedicated software has been the leader of this industry. Today, his name is synonymous with an order for cutting of mats furniture over the Internet.



 From the series quotations Great People ... 

It is important to never stop questioning. Curiosity is not without reason. Just so, if we try to understand at least a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity. Who can not ask can not live.

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein (1879 -1955). One of the greatest physicists. The creator of the general theory of relativity. Nobel laureate.